Come Celebrate Beala Family Fun Day in honor of Nicholas and Sophia Herbert
Come Celebrate Beala Family Fun Day in honor of Nicholas and Sophia Herbert

Beala Family supports adults, children, families, and couples in finding affordable compassionate counseling services.

Counseling is for anyone that feels unsupported or unprepared for the challenges that life has presented.

We all need a friendly face, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to look up to. You do not have to face your problems alone. No matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it. Having someone there to walk with you on your journey, or even carry you until you can get back on your feet, helps to make life more bearable, enjoyable, and meaningful. The meaning that you give to your life today is the hope that will bring you safely into tomorrow.

If you are sad, mad, scared, tired, or hurting, we would like to help. Just click on contact and send us a message with the word "Help" in the subject line, your name, and the best way to reach you and we will contact you immediately.

What is Counseling?

The American Counseling Association defines counseling as “the application of mental health, psychological, or human development principles, through cognitive, affective, behavioral or systemic intervention strategies, that address wellness, personal growth, or career development, as well as pathology.

What is Lifestyle Counseling?

The concept of Lifestyle Counseling has its roots in the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. Dr. Adler defined our personality as a Style of Life; it is what we are, who we are, and what we want to be. The life style consists of goals, the person's opinion of self and world, and his or her unique way of striving for goals in a particular situation.

Our Lifestyle is the outer expression of our Creative Power - the essential principle of human life. We consciously shape our personalities and destinies and have the freedom to act, determine our fate, develop our personality and affect our style of life.

Heredity and circumstance also contribute to this, however, we look to the future, to our expectations, rather than to the past to explain our behavior. We consciously shape our personalities and destiny.

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