Come Celebrate Beala Family Fun Day in honor of Nicholas and Sophia Herbert
Come Celebrate Beala Family Fun Day in honor of Nicholas and Sophia Herbert

Beala Family Foundation

June 25, 2008

Thank you all for accepting our invitation to the movies. We truly value your friendship. Your prayers and phone calls and generous gifts have given us hope in humanity and hope for the future. We hope our gift to you lightens your hearts and delights your children.

Miriam Mahan, Executive Director of J&A Care Services, is very happy that we have all chosen to reach out in this way. She suggests that when choosing foods to bring on Sunday, you get creative as a family to come up with ideas. Ask the kids what they like to eat in the summer time. Those are the kinds of things their hungry peers would like. Food supplies are short and I imagine the floods will put even more of a strain on supplies at the pantry. Ms. Mahan also told me that they are collecting school supplies for the fall, so if you want to bring school supplies, shoes, or backpacks, these items will be graciously accepted. Please tell your children how special they are and thank them for their help in gathering food gifts for other hungry children and families.

The theater will start the movie promptly at 11:00am. We ask that you arrive by 10:00am to deposit your food, collect your vouchers, and find your seat. You may arrive as early as 9:30 if you like.

We have lots of surprises in store for you.

Thanks again.

Your friends,

Kevin and Cheryl Herbert

May 29, 2008

Event: First Annual BFF Family Fun Day
Sponsor: Kevin and Cheryl Herbert through the Beala Family Foundation
Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008
Time: 11:00 am
Location: Wehrenberg St. Charles 18 cinema

You are cordially invited to a special screening of the Disney Pixar film Wall-E in honor of Nico and Sophie Herbert.

The Herbert Family would like to thank those in our community who have been so generous to our family throughout the last year, especially St. Peters and Lewis and Clark Elementary Schools.

As you can imagine, the last twelve months have been very difficult for us; the sudden finality, the terrible loss, but, especially, the loneliness. Our children and our family were our number one priority, our most precious treasure. Our consolation has come from the loving support of family, friends, community, and faith and from the acknowledgment that it is our responsibility to make life meaningful, to truly know that we have made a difference in someone's life.

We learned as much from them as they learned from us, if not more. And so, we hope to honor Nico and Sophie's generous spirit by remembering who they were and what they accomplished in their brief, but extraordinary, lives. So many were touched by their kindness and enthusiasm.

We, also, hope to honor them by giving to those in need. Nico and Sophie wanted so much to make the world a better place - through sharing, and art, and invention.

Please share your blessings with others by bringing food items or pet supplies for collection at the theatre. All proceeds will benefit local food pantries and the humane society of St. Charles. Door prizes will awarded including special prizes for the most generous families.

Seats are limited, please register early so that we may plan accordingly.

You may register online at or, if you do not have online access, by calling 636.219.5432.

We also ask that you share with us something you remember about Nico and Sophie, a unique experience or way that they have touched your life.

With heart-felt thanks and sincerity,

Kevin and Cheryl Herbert

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